Distracted, disheveled and disorganized…that’s me, the 3-D mom!

Distracted!  Disheveled!  Disorganized!  That’s me, Kathryn, but you can call me the 3-D mom.  When I was a new mom some 16+ years ago, I had this dream of being the best stay-at-home mom with the best kept house in the neighborhood.  As time passed, I came to realize a few truths about my self!  I am so very easily distracted;  my life and habits are very disheveled; and to say that my home is disorganized is a gross understatement.  I truly have one of those homes that drop-in company is NOT welcome!  For goodness sake, it’s March 1st, and my Christmas tree is still up in the living room.

These last six months have almost made me the 4-D mom, because I have found myself to be very depressed!  This is something I have battled over the years, and this time I am determined to pull myself out of this funk without making the trip to the doctor’s office.  I am hoping that I can hold myself accountable by journaling this journey.  And of course, if you have any suggestions, I am more than willing to accept heartfelt advice.  In the days to come, I will be sharing my experiences, and the places I have found that help the most.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you will come back and possibly even join me on my journey!


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    Marjorie said,

    Hi Kathryn! You and I sound so much alike. Disorganization is my middle name, even though I have accomplished alot in life. It’s one thing I’m definitely trying to improve this year. I’ve also battled depression and know how difficult it can be. Hang in there. You can definitely do it!

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